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Acidic fixative FJ-NP6


Ingredients: synthetic high molecular compound
Appearance: red brown or brown liquid
Ionicity: anionic
Solid: 12.0-16.0%
PH value: 6.5-8.5(1% Aq. solution)
Solubility: easily soluble in water



   FJ-NP6 2.5-5% (o.w.f) PH=4.5(HAC), 70-80°C, 20-30min.

    FJ-NP6 2.5-5% (o.w.f) PH=5-6(HAC), 50-60°C, 20-30min.

    FJ-NP6 1.0-2.0% (o.w.f).

【Packing, transportation & storage】

It is packed in 50kg plastic drum; it should be preserved by sealing it airtightly; the storage period is 12 months at normal temperature.

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